Joanie Parsons
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  • Superpowers: instigator, visionary, nature lover
  • What I Do at Parsons: leadership, vision, brand strategy, team building
  • Brands I Love: trücup low-acid coffee, Tesla, Seventh Generation, Patagonia
  • Dream Car: vintage Alfa Romeo Red Convertible. With dogs in the backseat.
  • First Job: tour guide at KOMO TV
  • Best Vacation: hiking the Lycian Way Trail in Turkey
  • Best Hike: Dolomites and Mount Blanc to the Matterhorn
  • Saturday Night: entertaining, community events, great times with good friends
  • Sunday Morning: coffee, walking the dogs, yoga, cycling
  • Spirit Animal: dolphin
  • Community Connections: GrapeVine Women / CRUSH, One Eighty Foundation, PCC Farmland Trust, Seattle Good Business Network
Natalie Cheel
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  • Superpowers: mother, positivity, communication
  • What I Do at Parsons: project manager, brand builder, writer
  • Brands I Love: Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Prana
  • First Job: newspaper route
  • Favorite place: Beaumaris, Ontario
  • Saturday Night: cuisine themed dinner party
  • Sunday Morning: coffee, attempting to make dog and rocket shaped pancakes for my boys.
  • Spirit Animal: lobster
  • Community Connections: Whittier Elementary School, PCC Farmland Trust
Lilah Behrend
Writer & Strategist
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  • Superpowers: vision, connection, strategy
  • What I do at Parsons: build brands, tell stories, connect clients with opportunities
  • Brands I Love: Tesla, Matt& Nat, Gabriel Cosmetics, Bose, Pixar
  • Favorite Vacation: West Coast hot springs tour
  • Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami
  • Dream Job as a Kid: Pilot
  • Saturday Night: Food, friends, family, fun, wine, whiskey, wandering
  • Sunday Morning: Coffee, hiking Washington forests, pushing my daughter on swings
  • Spirit Animal: Cuttlefish
  • Community Connections: Seattle CityClub, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Women in Technology, Yoga Behind Bars
Natalia Dotto
Senior Account Manager
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  • Superpowers: finding the story, telling the story, photographing the story, and whipping up a decent meal from a variety of leftovers in the fridge.
  • What I do at Parsons: Media Relations, Content Strategy, Social Media
  • First Job: cardboard box maker
  • Brands I Love: Nikon, REI, Kari Gran
  • Favorite Vacation: Taking my family to the small village in Cornwall where my mum grew up and I spent many childhood holidays, and then taking them to Gibraltar where my dad grew up.
  • Favorite Author: Do I have to pick just one, Neil Gaiman (also David Mitchell) (also Jane Austen)
  • Dream Job as a Kid: Swashbuckler or National Geographic photographer
  • Saturday Night: Either a pub crawl through Ballard and dinner with friends, or pizza and watching a movie with my middle schooler.
  • Sunday Morning: If we’re not heading to a child’s football match then it’s an early morning walk with the dogs, followed by a strong cup of black coffee, plus the New York Times or good book
Andrea Learned
Social Media Strategist
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  • Superpowers: I’m a connector and bridge builder, and, ironically, a guru of personal boundaries. (Let’s hear it for Essentialism)
  • What I do at Parsons: help clients embrace and amplify their industry leadership
  • Kitchen is for: cooking vegan meals and headbanging/dancing where my neighbors can’t see
  • Music of Choice: Idles Band (see below my KEXP passion)
  • Favorite place: Tofino, British Columbia
  • Weekends: lots of tea, several dog walks, a bike ride, yard work and a book.
  • Spirit Animal: owl
  • Community Connections: KEXP (fanatical volunteer), Pasado’s Safe Haven
Maddy McAlpine
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  • Superpowers: organizing, planning, office DJ
  • What I do at Parsons: community building, social media strategy, connecting clients with target audiences
  • Brands I Love: Miir, Frankie & Jo’s, GT’s
  • Music of Choice: Cold War Kids and Odesza
  • First Job: nanny
  • Best Vacation: exploring Copenhagen with my best friend
  • Saturday Night: a local brewery, friends and tacos
  • Sunday Morning: espresso and a local farmers market
  • Spirit Animal: wildcat
Hannah Joss
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  • Superpowers: positivity, creativity, adaptability
  • What I do at Parsons: media relations, social media marketing
  • Brands I Love: Adidas, Theo’s Chocolate, Pagliacci Pizza
  • Music of Choice: Tame Impala, Gorillaz
  • First Job: lifeguard at a beach club
  • Favorite Vacation: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
  • Saturday Night: any sports game, beer, friends
  • Sunday Morning: a giant cinnamon roll and The Office
  • Spirit Animal: otter
Jake & Jasper 
  • Superpowers: barking, napping, squirrel detection
  • What We do at Parsons: reception, employee wellness, barketing strategy
  • Brands We Love: Purina, Chuck-It, Everlast Squeaky Toys
  • Music of Choice: Three Dog Night, Snoop Dog, Cat Stevens
  • Last Vacation: Opera Camp
  • Guilty Pleasure: tearing out all the stuffing to get to the squeaker
  • Saturday Night: watching the first 10 minutes of a movie and then falling asleep
  • Sunday Morning: Green Lake
  • Spirit Animal: golden retriever
  • Community Connections: UPS drivers, dog walkers, Humane Society, PAWS

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