RevelEleven Events + Retreats: Adventures For Your Spirit

PARSONS + CO has elevated inspirational women, cultivated community and produced illuminating conversations through RevelEleven Events + Retreats since its conception in 2016.

Founded by Joanie Parsons and Monica Smith, RevelEleven is a vibrant community of women connecting, learning, and growing through virtual and in-person events, restorative retreats, and globe-spanning travel adventures. It’s an inspired community where everyone is welcome. It’s a place for self-discovery, exploring cultural narratives, and living an authentic life.

PARSONS + CO has provided branding and messaging services, strategy for everyday communications and logistics for events and retreats, website design and social media strategy for RevelEleven.

PARSONS + CO has been instrumental in helping produce:
  • 59 In-Person Events
  • 368 Virtual Fitness Classes
  • 155 Virtual Speaker Events
  • 10 Local + Global Retreats

PARSONS + CO has created engaging content on social platforms and has helped amass 5,200 Newsletter subscribers + 1,010 Instagram followers.

The PARSONS team has also done outreach and helped secure notable speakers including:

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