Joanie Parsons

Part strategist, part dynamo. Joanie connects companies, people, and ideas. She founded PARSONS in 1992 - and has been on the go ever since.

  • Superpowers: Instigator, visionary, nature lover
  • What I Do at Parsons: Leadership, vision, brand strategy, team building
  • Brands I Love: trücup low-acid coffee, Tesla, Seventh Generation, Patagonia
  • Dream Car: Vintage Alfa Romeo Red Convertible, with dogs in the backseat.
  • First Job: Tour guide at KOMO TV
  • Best Vacation: Hiking the Lycian Way Trail in Turkey
  • Best Hike: Dolomites and Mount Blanc to the Matterhorn
  • Saturday Night: Entertaining, community events, great times with good friends
  • Sunday Morning: Coffee, walking the dogs, yoga, cycling
  • Community Connections: RevelEleven, One Eighty Foundation, PCC Farmland Trust, Seattle Good Business Network
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Natalie Cheel
Account Executive

Part brand builder, part storyteller. Natalie brings ideas, information, and inspiration together. With a background in nonprofit management, she knows how to get the most out of limited resources and make a marketing budget beg for mercy.

  • Superpowers: Mother, positivity, communication
  • What I Do at Parsons: Project manager, brand builder, writer
  • Brands I Love: Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Prana
  • First Job: Newspaper route
  • Favorite place: Beaumaris, Ontario
  • Saturday Night: Cuisine themed dinner party
  • Sunday Morning: Coffee, attempting to make dog and rocket shaped pancakes for my boys.
  • Community Connections: Whittier Elementary School, PCC Farmland Trust
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Kelsey Aanerud
Account Executive

Part strategic brand advocate, part logistical multi-tasker, Kelsey is passionate about identifying and employing the most effective communications to build brand awareness, generate engagement and drive results.

  • Superpowers: People connector, creative collaborator, communicator
  • What I do at Parsons: Media relations, social media marketing, content writing
  • Brands I Love: Trader Joe’s, Aveda, Birkenstock
  • First Job: Kitchen Helper at Canoe Island French Camp
  • Best Vacation: Exploring and eating my way through the Tuscany region of Italy
  • Favorite Places: Camano Island, New York City, Mt. Rainier
  • Saturday Night: Cooking, dominoes marathon, red wine, dark chocolate
  • Sunday Morning: Sea glass hunting at low tide, large coffee with oat milk, NYT games with a cat in my lap
  • Community Connections: Soroptimists Seattle-Metropolitan, North East Seattle Together
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Eric Knudson
Creative Director

Part dreamer-upper, part drill-downer, Eric lives for big ideas and short sentences. His love languages are brainstorming, alliteration and puns.

  • Superpowers: Creativity, perspective, bad puns
  • What I do at Parsons: Brand strategy, creative direction, copywriting, crisis communications
  • Brands I Love: Surly, Orvis, Sanuk, Duluth Trading
  • Dream Car: Anything that’s paid for and dog-hair free 
  • First Job: Tennis instructor 
  • Favorite Place: Methow Valley, London, Pacific Coast, Whidbey Island 
  • Saturday Night: Low-key with friends, British crime dramas, wine and books 
  • Sunday Morning: Pre-dawn soccer, dog walk, bike rides, lazy brunch 
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Kendra Smith
Account Coordinator

Part self-starter, part creator, Kendra combines her creativity and enthusiasm to bring a new perspective to projects.

  • Superpowers: Positivity, empathy, organization, adaptability
  • What I do at Parsons: Day-to-day media outreach, social media marketing, blog and website copywriting
  • Brands I Love: Patagonia, Trader Joe’s, Free People, Rare Beauty, Depop
  • Music of Choice: ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, The Head and The Heart, Lana Del Rey
  • Best Hike: Hiking through Grindelwald, Switzerland
  • Favorite Vacation: Driving through the French countryside or exploring Iceland
  • Saturday Night: Binging a new show, cooking dinner, hanging out with friends
  • Sunday Morning: Coffee, walks in the sun, reading a good book
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Jasper & Juno

Gregarious greeters, accomplished nappers and vocal champions of regular mealtimes, the boys bring a smile to our faces and hair to our black pants.

  • Superpowers: Barking, napping, squirrel detection
  • What We do at Parsons: Reception, employee wellness, barketing strategy
  • Brands We Love: Purina, Chuck-It, Everlast Squeaky Toys
  • Music of Choice: Three Dog Night, Snoop Dog, Cat Stevens
  • Last Vacation: Opera camp
  • Guilty Pleasure: Tearing out all the stuffing to get to the squeaker
  • Saturday Night: Watching the first 10 minutes of a movie and then falling asleep
  • Sunday Morning: Green Lake
  • Community Connections: UPS drivers, dog walkers, Humane Society, PAWS

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