BLOOM Imprint

Gaining national recognition + thought leadership for garden authors

BLOOM Imprint identifies, develops, and publishes projects that shine a light on the floral lifestyle. Co-Founders Debra Prinzing, leader of the Slow Flowers Movement, and Robin Avni, a creative veteran in the media + high-tech industries, combine their experience to help tell stories of florists and designers across the country.

BLOOM hired Parsons + Co to engage the media regarding several BLOOM projects, including “Black Flora: Profiles of Inspiring Black Flower Farmers + Florists”, “Growing Wonder: A Flower Farmer’s Guide to Roses”, “Small Farm, Big Dreams: From Flower Enthusiast to Floral Entrepreneur” and “House + Flower: Reviving Forgotten Homes + Gardens”. Through a targeted effort, we secured 20+ hits for the various BLOOM projects in floral and design industry publications and national outlets, including the Washington Post and Architectural Digest. Parsons also led regional efforts to the areas authors were located in.

  • Garnered 20+ hits in local and national outlets, securing a relationship with Martha Stewart Online for multiple media hits
  • Established BLOOM Imprint authors as thought leaders in the industry

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