Our Hearts Go Out To Ukraine

Our hearts are breaking for the people of Ukraine during this time and the resulting humanitarian crisis. The world is watching. We are hearing the news and desperate pleas for help, of any kind, from the Ukrainian people. They are showing the world incredible strength and resolve as they face this invasion.

With social media bringing us closer together as a world of ONE, even from here across the globe, we can make our resources available to help the Ukrainians. Be it through food or Doctors without Borders, below is a list of several organizations working to help displaced families, refugees and those who remain in Ukraine.

Remember, any amount helps. A $20 donation multiple times over does make a difference. To honor the Ukrainian people, PARSONS + CO will be starting with a donation of $1,000.

Here’s to PEACE!

Joanie, Natalie, Natalia, Hannah + Eden

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