Our Very Own Daring Woman: Joanie Parsons Featured in Seattle Business Mag

Vision. Confidence. Integrity.

These are a few of the characteristics Joanie Parsons used to describe a good leader in her Daring Woman Q&A in Seattle Business Magazine last week, and we think she embodies those traits to a tee.

Seattle Business Magazine has been featuring influential women in a variety of professions in Seattle that question the status quo and have become trailblazers in their industries. In the article, Joanie talks about her inspirations, challenges she’s faced, and advice she would give women just getting started in their careers. She even gave us the title of her autobiography (read the article to find out!).

We know Joanie as the fearless leader of Parsons + Co., but you might not know her as a co-founder of trücup Low-Acid Coffee, and two women’s organizations called Grapevine and CRUSH, as well as Revel Retreats. Joanie’s vision and creativity inspires the whole Parsons team to keep pushing boundaries and do exceptional work.

All PR professionals (and professionals in any industry) should take some expert advice from Joanie: always question the status quo, don’t be afraid to step outside the box, and put effort into making relationships!

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