Questions to Ask When Hiring a PR Agency

Hiring a PR agency can be a lucrative investment for your company, and choosing the right agency is the first step to success. You want to be confident that you are putting your brand in the hands of people who are proficient at understanding your value proposition and why people should care about it. Asking these questions will give you a better idea of who is best equipped to help your company excel:

What are your specific goals and how can a PR agency help to achieve them?

Whether it be more media attention, to increase sales or elevate your brand recognition, having set objectives will help you and the PR agency create a successful roadmap.

Does the PR agency align with your core values? How can they help you represent those values?

You will get more authentic storytelling if your company values align with the agency’s values. 

Do they have experience with brands like yours?

Strong media connections within an industry are a key to success. PR is heavily dependent on relationships and an agency that has worked with journalists and bloggers in your field will likely be able to get more attention for you, faster and more efficiently. 

What do we need from them and what do they need from us for this to be a successful partnership?   

Communication is the most important thing in a partnership! Being open and honest about expectations and the way you communicate in an initial meeting will help everyone involved be more effective. Because your success is a PR agency’s success.

To reach your company goals and have a strong partnership with the PR agency you choose to work with, it all comes down to understanding each other. Make sure you do your homework on the agency, and they do theirs on your company. Results will come and relationships will grow!

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