Wenatchee’s Ohme Gardens Celebrates 90 Years

Perched on a hillside, with sweeping views of the Wenatchee Valley, lies a very special garden. Ohme Gardens is a must-see for anyone venturing to Wenatchee or passing through North Central Washington. This year marks the 90th Anniversary for Ohme Gardens which has a rich history that started with the vision of a Wenatchee couple decades ago.

Back in 1929, Herman and Ruth Ohme purchased a dry and desolate 40-acre bluff. The couple saw potential in the land with the orchard and spectacular view of the Cascade Mountains and Columbia River Valley. They developed a vision- one that included tranquil pools, fluorescent greenery, and an immaculate landscape. Since then, Ohme Gardens has become a community treasure in the Wenatchee Valley.

The Ohme’s worked tirelessly to create the Gardens. They used milk gallons to cart water to the plantings throughout the Gardens and ended up installing an intricate irrigation system throughout the acreage. Although the beautiful site was originally created to be a family retreat, Herman and Ruth decided it was best to be admired by all- and Ohme Gardens became open to the public. In 1991, the Ohme family sold the gardens to Washington State Parks. It’s now maintained by Chelan County.

The team at Ohme Gardens is working hard to carry out the vision the couple had for the property, including the physical upkeep of the land as well as creating a shared space for the community to enjoy. The Ox Yoke Lodge is a beloved piece of architecture in the Gardens, and one of the very first structures to be built by the Ohme’s. As time has taken its toll on the lodge, a goal of Ohme Gardens is to renovate this meaningful and iconic landmark- not only to honor Herman and Ruth’s work, but to allow present and future generations to enjoy the lodge with family and friends. The Ohme Gardens Friends Society is a volunteer group that aids in these efforts, working on Ohme Gardens maintenance, implementing fundraising projects, garden promotion, and hosting events.

Ohme Gardens is a place where nature, community, and history can be enjoyed. While the gardens are gorgeous enough to draw a crowd on their own, they also host concerts, movie nights, yoga, and more throughout the year to bring the community together. The gardens offer an environment where people can gather, celebrate, reflect, exercise, relax, and appreciate while surrounded by stunning views, dense greenery, and blossoming floras.

At Parsons + Co., we are working with Ohme Gardens to support their goal of maintaining the vision that Ruth and Herman had for this land back in 1929. As a company, we stand behind the values of cultivating community, preserving culturally significant landmarks, and appreciating the beauty of the outdoors.

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