Spring in Seattle: Our Favorites

Spring in Seattle means days of sun, rain, and often both- where everyone must dig up a pair of sunglasses they forgot they needed, without leaving their fleece or favorite sweater just yet. Spending time outside in Seattle lets us appreciate the beauty of our state and enjoy the outdoor recreation that’s all around us. 

Here are our teams favorite Seattle spring activities: 

Joanie: The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is definitely my start to Spring. I usually go up super early in the morning, so I have the roads and the fields to myself. It’s the best time for photographing the immense beauty of spring. Also, the first hike or bicycle ride signals the beginning of the season. 

Natalia: I’m looking forward to dining al fresco with the family on our deck (wrapped in blankets), cheering on the Seattle Sounders, and weekend hikes and bicycle rides. 

Eric: Watching my neighbors spend all last weekend working in their garden and getting inspired to—finally—do something with the landscaping around my patio. Getting all the tools together, buying garbage bags, splurging on a new pair of garden gloves…and then going on a bike ride instead. 

Maddy: My favorite part of spring is the walks around Lake Washington! 

Natalie: I’m looking forward to grilling season, local hikes and more hours of daylight! 

Hannah: I am a spring baby and this is my favorite time of year. I love that the flowers start to bloom and I can wear t-shirts again! I’m looking forward to having BBQ’s with friends and enjoying outdoor breweries. 

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